Monday, February 2, 2009


Assalamualaikum wbt.. I'm updating blog in Brisbane now.. =) to be specific in my favourite computer lab at uni.. Alhamdulillah, safely arrived at Sarah's house at about 10 in the morning yesterday.. All praise to Allah that with His guidance and shelter, I managed to 'fly' back from Melbourne to Brisbane ALONE.. (ni kalu ma tahu ni, habis la).. btw, already told ma last night, but, no negative response from her.. Alhamdulillah.. lain kali boleh travel alone lagi.. =)

Special thanks to akhawat- akhawat tersayang di Melbourne atas kasih sayang, perhatian dan tidak lupa juga for the delicioooouuuss food throughout my stay there (yeah, that sole reason why i gained weight this year) ..

Thanks Allah for great summer holiday that i spent for this year.. Alhamdulillah.. it's the best summer i've ever experience.. =) Thanks Allah for granting me to taste the great and warm ukhuwah from my akhawat.. Bestow upon them everything that is the best for them for their duniya and hereafter..

Thanks Allah for the fact that i finally know a lot (not all, taaruf kan on going sampai bila- bila) about my ukhti, NFA .. Even though we have been together since our foundation in IPBA, even though she was just next to me during in our class, but, so little had i knew about her.. i regret for letting so much time passed by without truly know about her.. but, i knew may be this is the best for both of us.. Thanks Allah for giving me such a great, inspired, pious sahabah who i can trust on when no one trust me, who will advice me when no one dare to do so, who will share to me all of her problems, sadness, happiness, worries when i know, not even a friend i met throughout my lifetime did so to me, who will give me courage when i feel down, scared as well as 'kecut perut' (thing that i always feel when i have to deal with orang putih or speak English), and who always 'teman' and 'layan' me Jalan- Jalan Cari Makan =P

I feel blessed when You put us together.. You answer my pray.. she is my Harun, inshaAllah.. Thanks Allah, All my praises to You who is Ever Loving.

For her (if she knows who is she and i bet she knows.. hehe), i dedicate this song for you..

...................oppss.... something wrong with imeem.. nanti search sendiri ek? sorry.. hehe...............

Sahabat Perjuangan -Tazakka
Pertemuan kita kali ini
Bukan sekedar kawan lama tak jumpa
Tapi kita bertemu ada satu makna
Kita punya satu perjuangan
Andai ada kasih antara kita
Kita kembalikan kepada Yang Esa
Agar ia suci tulus dan ikhlas
semoga Alloh memberkati
Sambutlah tangan sahabat saudaramu
Pimpinlah ia melangkah bersama
Satukan hati kita teguhkan ia
Berdiri bersama untuk kebenaran
Perjuangan itu artinya berkorban
Berkorban itu artinya terkorban
Janganlah gentar untuk berjuang
Demi agama dan bangsa
Inilah jalan kita

"Qul hazihi sabili..." katakanlah ini jalanku

Semoga kita kuat dan saling menguatkan.. Love you fillah.. =)

and once again, many thanks to semua.. biiznillah inshaAllah, we will see each other again.. Ameen.. =)

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