Saturday, October 24, 2009

...a story of a ream of paper...

there's one interesting analogy.

a person who Allah grants hidayah, is like a complete ream of paper.

For the paper to complete a ream of them, there must be a lot of papers that are stacked on each other.

so, there must a very-first-paper to be put there in order to start the ream..

we might be the last person who stacks the paper that finally makes a ream of them.

but, we might also be the very first person who stacks the paper to start the ream.

and we might be the middle person who puts a or more paper(s) on the other paper.

wherever we are on the ream, we are the person who are contributing to the ream.


we might be the last person who completes one's understanding about Islam, that makes him/her accepts it, understand it, follow it and work for it..

we might also the very first person who starts to give him/her the understanding about Islam.
and we might be the on- the- middle person that gives him/her more understanding, more explanation, more qudwah in his/her way to get the hidayah..

wherever we are on the person's life, we are, inshaAllah contributing to the hidayah for him/her.

so, what can we take from this analogy??

1. Rasulullah S.A.W said in his hadith,

"Maka demi Allah, sekiranya Allah memberi hidayah disebabkan kamu, kepada seorang lelaki adalah lebih baik untukmu daripada memiliki unta-unta merah." [al-Bukhari]

which is a very very very precious thing you can ever have in this world.

so, start or continue giving the 'paper', who knows, you might be one of those who completes the 'ream'.

2. Be thankful to Allah for choosing and giving us the hidayah and bringing us out from darkness to the light.

3. and also to the first person who gives us the 'paper' that, ev
en though without our consent, or with hatred in our heart, he/she is still strong to put away the ego and be patient to us.

4. do da'wah. show them the good manner,tell them the truth, be patient, strengthen your heart with iman and taqwa, be strong on any tribulations.

5. remember. that if we successfully give someone the hidayah, we must realize that we may not the first person who have the share on it. there are also someone else who have put effort on them.

6. being the first is better than the last as Allah said in one verse (57:10). say good things, give nasihah and tazkirah to others other than just rumbling, saying foul words.

Dan mengapa kamu tidak menafkahkan (sebagian hartamu) pada jalan Allah, padahal Allah-lah yang mempusakai (mempunyai) langit dan bumi? Tidak sama di antara kamu orang yang menafkahkan (hartanya) dan berperang sebelum penaklukan (Mekah). Mereka lebih tinggi derajatnya daripada orang-orang yang menafkahkan (hartanya) dan berperang sesudah itu. Allah menjanjikan kepada masing-masing mereka (balasan) yang lebih baik. Dan Allah mengetahui apa yang kamu kerjakan.

7. start giving the paper now!!
but, if you don't have the paper, gain them first i.e : learn about Islam. in fact, that's the first thing we should do so that we can give it to others. knowledge about Islam is not sufficient if we just take and understand from our religious classes and fardhu ain back in primary and secondary school. go and join religious class as indeed it will give a lot of benefits.

“Jika kalian melalui taman-taman syurga, maka berhentilah dan duduklah di situ”. Para Sahabat r.a. bertanya : “Apakah taman-taman Syurga itu wahai Rasulullah?” Jawab baginda : “Majlis-majlis ilmu dan zikir”. (HR at-Tirmizi).


p/s: Wafa'.. stay strong and on the right path. May Allah give us strength and blessed time during these critical moments!! =)

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