Tuesday, October 12, 2010

...JIRIM2 & recent updates...

i have been quiet for quite some time right? i want to write, really and i miss writing, updating this blog. but what can i say, i always have other things to do. but alhamdulillah now, i finish with my academic year. meaning that i'm nearly done with my 5 years and a half in ipba.

Practicum went well even though at first i encountered a lot of problems. finally i survived. just that, i am thinking how can i live my whole life being a teacher. oh, i definitely have to find 'support system' as soon i know where i will be posted next year. i'm glad i have my good friends throughout my difficult life during my practicum. thanks so much for your support, sharing and ideas.

now i'm done with all these things, just have few courses to attend, and wait for the practicum result. hopefully it will be smooth-sailing and this year will end so fast. but, there is one more important thing will be happening soon. behold!! it's NOT my marriage. (^_^) not yet. it's JIRIM2. i'm working on it right now. really put all my energy, thinking, heart and soul in there since it is my first time to involve in such a grand activity.

so, if you, the readers, have siblings, cousins, children, neighbours with age range 15- 17 years old, have nothing to do this year-end holiday, come and join us in JIRIM2 Jambori. InshaAllah, i promise you something (lots of things) beneficial dunia and akhirat for the kids.

click here if you want to know more about JIRIM2

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