Wednesday, November 17, 2010

..Once upon an Eid-ul-Adh...

Eid Mubarak everyone!!! Oh, i miss this greet. Muslim overseas will always greet us with this line every time we celebrate eid compared to us in Malaysia who will say, Selamat Hari Raya.

Celebrating Eid-ul-Adha without my family members i mean with ma, abah and adik2 is not a big deal to me anymore. i still remember a year before i flew to Australia, i celebrated my Eid-ul-adha in Mid Valley Megamall with a friend. that was my first time. the two years after that i spent it in Brisbane with my akhowat. these two years in Brisbane taught me to appreciate and feel the ruh of the eid itself which so far, made them the BEST EID experiences of all. even though i was there without my family and did not have lembu as much as i had lembu in Kelantan, the feeling was just so special. oh Allah, only You know how I miss that time.

and this year, i'm glad i have my uncles, aunties and counsins with me in Putrajaya, to be exact at masjid kristal, putrajaya. and guess what, the feeling of being in Brisbane came bit by bit. not because of the khutbah or whatever, but it's just because of the atmosphere at that time. i was surrounded by foreigners!!! right left, they were everywhere in the mosque. from india, south africa, syria, bangladesh (knew it by their english slang) talking to each other while the khutbah was recited (obviously, the khutbah was in malay, how on earth they would understand malay)

they took pictures together as in big groups. hugging each other, say 'eid mubarak' to each other (btw, i was sad because they didn't say it to me even though i was just under their noses). they did exactly the same on what we did when we were in brisbane!!! ya la, what else could we do other than taking pictures and huggings during raya kan??haha. waaa, miss Brisbane big time.

okay, i amik gambar mereka curi2..
(2010, Masjid Kristal, Eid-ul-Adh)

our group picture during one of the eid celebrations.
(2009, park depan rumah, eid-ul-fitr)

But to my surprise, raya in Putrajaya was also all about taking pictures and no lembu.. hehe. memang la style beraya di perantauan. huhu.

(2010, Masjid Kristal, Eid-ul-Adh)

p/s: i miss the tazkirah about pengorbanan Nabi Ibrahim a.s and Nabi Ismail a.s

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