Wednesday, July 20, 2011 look...

wow, my ~TINTA~ and its new look... ~TINTA~ you look soooooo pink and in love... (hahaha, ade ke??)

okay, i know its kinda pinkish that makes this blog looks like it's owned by a teenager (dengan kata- kata i love you bagai..)

tapi salah ke perasan muda sekali sekala???? walaupun, tuan nya dah tak berapa nak muda, kasi can la kat this blog to feel that it's still young and vibrant..

susah nye nak pilih template yang sesuai. i took more than 3 hours just to search the right one and it seems that i haven't found any (yelah, template ni tak de kena sangat ngan citarasa i pun, just that it reminds me of my young age. haha).

for the time being, let this template do its job, if i come across another template that i fall in love with, surely ~TINTA~ i promise you.. i'll change to a better one (^_^)

i always love the template designed by giselejaquenod since all of them are cute and simple, but too long of using the previous template makes me wanna change to someone else's design.. iyolah, nak design senirik, den memang tak pandai n xdok maso eh...

this is how ~TINTA~ looked like before this

and below are among the templates that i tried out but they turned out really unsuitable

love this one but again, it's from Gisele. may use this one if i'm bored with this current one.. hehe

two templates below were designed by Rinda

they are indeed cute and colourful but some tabs are not functioning 
(or i don't know how to make them function hahaha)

p/s: huwaaaa, two posts on wordless wednesday.. once again, this wednesday is not that "WORDLESS" aite??

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