Thursday, October 20, 2011


somehow it's painful to keep what you feel inside and not to let it go. but it's more painful when you try to let it go to the wrong person. definitely you have your Master to listen to everything you go through. in fact, He knows better than you. why don't you tell Him what you feel and ask Him for solutions? because He knows exactly what you should do to overcome your problems.


♥●• ─░zdiher •●♥ said...

Hope you fine now.This post worried me.Allah with you.

Follow each other .

izyanhamizah said...

thanks so much Izdiher for your advice. i'm a lot better now. sometimes it has to happen to turn us back to Allah. =)

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari kegundahan hati dan kesedihan,
Dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari sifat lemah dan malas,
Dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari sifat penakut dan bakhil,
Dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari lilitan hutang dan tekanan orang.

::kind readers::