Sunday, April 15, 2012


I've never once mentioned in this blog that i'm living with a baby, right? Oh, how can I forget to blog about this beautiful baby? 

Well, it's definitely NOT my baby (Please don't speculate!). She is my housemate's first baby. I've been living with them (my two housemates - who are siblings) since I lived in Malacca. The baby appeared last eight months, so she is 8 months old now. I'm as excited as the mother. hehehe (^_^). and yes, the baby is such a dear. 

Every time i came back home from school and saw this baby smiling, all the tiredness went away.. Something to be grateful, right? 

By the way, she's very active now. Crawling here and there, trying to lift everything she sees, suke sangat pergi tempat2 yang berwayar and one of her favourite places is, my messy room. Bak kata orang, pantang buka pintu.. Every time she sees the door open, she will quickly crawl as fast as she can. Maybe she is very curious ape lah yang best sangat dalam bilik auntie ni sampai aunties sukeeeee sangat lepak dalam bilik dia =P since she always sees me going in and out of the room every single day. pantang i open the door, kalau dia tengah breastfeed, rela stop for a while and throw a big smile at me.

eh, not only when i open the door, every time i pass her by, she would do the same.. oh, how adorable!! I feel like I have a little fan here (perasan). =P 

 it's my routine every morning before going to school  to carry her outside

budak ini dah jadi sangat berat sampai lenguh tangan nak dukung =P

But, having to experience this life every single day, I feel i'm sooooooooooo lacking if I were to get married and planning to have a child right after. Lacking of patience! Seriously if this baby threw tantrums, crying for things she couldn't do or take, or feel uncomfortable, I can't stand. Plus, I'm not ready to give up my beautiful sleeps (~_~'). You may think I'm childish and immature but I do take things into consideration especially when I start thinking of having a family. 

I admit I do feel jealous with my friends who are happily married and raising children (one of them just gave birth to the third son!!) to the extend if I feel it, I want to call Abah to marry me. But on the other side, living with a baby currently and see how my housemate is struggling with the baby, make me rethink. It may be nice to have the junior version of me but, to do all those sacrifices (read: sleep and the 'ME' time), I'm not ready. 

This is what I feel now, it may change in another minute but I blog this so I can remember that I once have this feeling at the age of 24. *single syndrome* 

I love kids, definitely and how amazing their presence are in times I feel down and sad. But, yeah, as I said, to have my own in this one or two years, I may reconsider.. (plus, the marriage doesn't seem to happen in near future) 

But, alhamdulillah I'm contented with my life now -with this little cutie - she seems to brighten my dull days.


video si cenonet ni bila berjaya conquer bilik auntie.. adik, adik.. *sambil geleng2 kepala*

p/s: ....and I promised myself to live my single life to the fullest before the day Allah puts me other responsibilities (towards a husband and later, the children) inshaAllah..

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