Monday, May 21, 2012

....dreaming memang best!! hehe...

I have been so excited reading articles, stories about marriage, wedding, solemnization, husbands and wives. Err, I mean, I do feel excited about this but it doesn't mean it's coming soon or real soon (tapi, kalau happen soon pun ape salahnya kan? =P )

well, suddenly it comes to my mind of how i want my big day to be. is it going to be lavish or is it just, sederhana2 je?

to be honest, i am into the latter. i want a really moderate event, i mean a really really really moderate and simple one.

i don't want a majlis pertunangan, i don't want sanding-sanding beriya, i don't want pre-wed photoshoot. there are lots of events i want to skip. simple person, am i?

What i want is the blessed akad nikah. that's all. and of course, the du'as from those coming to our reception.

i even think of how i want the outfits to be.. haha..

for the akad nikah, it's enough if i wear simple baju kurung with moderate lace so that i can wear over and over again and yes, i'm also thinking of wearing t-shirt and jeans (haha, okay, abaikan!! dah start mengarut =P)

actually i have one design in mind, at the moment.  it's simple but kinda sweet if you could imagine. hehe. i wish to post the picture here, but i'm afraid i don't get the permission from tuan punya badan.
so, let it be l ek?. at least, i have some ideas in my mind if it was to happen.

and the kenduri comes right after the akad nikah, maybe wearing the same baju or change it to another one, slightly more grand but still in simple but sweet theme.

make up? - i don't know how to touch up my own face, so would need some helps from my housemate who loves drawing someone else's face =P but, definitely, i don't want pondan or hire a mak andam to do so. i want to be as natural as possible. btw, the beauty is not for everyone to enjoy. it's just for my dear husband.

hantaran? does not need to give sampai 9 or 11, it's enough if i can have 3 dulang. a car key (brand new and fully paid car), a key for fully- furnished house (fully paid and xde hutang2), and a quran. hahaha okay2, just kidding, if i were to marry a dato' yang really kaya raya, maybe i'll ask those but i don't think any dato' wants me. haha, so, berpijak di bumi nyata, i don't mind what the guy gives me as long as ianya tak menyusahkan pihak dia. (^_^)

that's all.. simple right? i don't know how the real majlis will be, but at least, this is how i want it to happen (if and only if, i am THE ONLY ONE who has the control =P)

p/s: this post is just my dream. i would like to see it happen, and if not, which part it doesn't meet. (^_^)

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