Wednesday, March 11, 2009

...lets remember what F.R.I.L.L. is... =)

Assalamualaikum wbt..

today, saya nak cerita pengalaman masa first School Experience or we call it Field Experience for this year. so, basically, this time i got the chance to go to West End State School which is situated at one of the suburbs in Brisbane and my School partner (which is only both of us are sent to that school), is Ayu Best. =) and (another 'and') we were placed in the same classroom. it was a very tiring yet enjoyable time to be with the students (seriously, ikhlas ni).

this time unlike last year, we have to 'surrender' both of our hands to help the class teacher with the students and interestingly, we are given small group of students to deal with throughout the field experience. in other word, we are expected to help the students in small groups basically just helping and teaching them a little bit, explaining to them what they should do, getting(or shall i say forcing) them to do their work. hmmm, seems so easy right? but, only Allah knows how tired i was on that day. i yawned hundred times if my memory didn't fail me. now i know, becoming an English teacher is not easy.. seriously, it's like having a big heavy giant elephant on your shoulder especially when your proficiency is not good enough (or shall i say, limited) huhu..

i had this one experience in the classroom that i shall say 'menggugah' the professionalism in me (ayat tak tahan). hehe.. if i am not mistaken, the year 3 students were doing their language worksheet so, ayu and me walked around the class and helped them with the worksheet a bit here and there. when i was helping this little boy, ayu came to me and asked me what does 'frill' means. i confidently, said to ayu "oh, ala, bulu ayam yang orang buat tulis2 tu".. then ayu replied to me back, "eh betul ke? sure? ayu rasa macam bukan je" of course la i replied "ntah, betul rsanya KOT" (kot memang akan sentiasa ada, if you asked me anything at all!) then, suddenly, this one cute little girl (she's a ESL learner) called me and asked me the same thing.. oookkkk ooooo....alamak, apa lagi, saya pun menggelabah la.. eh, betul ke jawapan saya kat ayu tadi.. then, dengan muka selamba nya saya pergi la tanya ayu pula soalan yang sama and we came to a conclusion that we actually didn't know what does it mean.. huhu..

nak pergi tanya classroom teacher.. tapi malu la pulak. nanti entah ape- ape dia fikir silap- silap sampai cerita saya tak tahu maksud word 'frill' kat lecturer saya nanti.. hmm, dengan segala fikiran negatif (plus ego), i decided not to ask her.. tapi, kesian la pulak dekat budak tu, dia tak tahu makna.. hmm, terfikir la pula nak pergi tanya real English speaking students. tapi still, malu tu ada la. ego apatah lagi.. tapi last sekali, kuatkan semangat jugak pergi tanya this one girl and dia pun explain la.. kemain lagi saya rephrase ayat tu so that dia tak rasa saya tak tahu (dasyat tak??)

luckily and shockingly, the teacher, told the class what frill means.. erm, i guess, kecoh satu kelas sebab few children tak tahu what it means. especially the ESL children la.. tapi apa- apa pun yang paling teruknya, this trainee teacher sendiri yang tak tahu what does it mean. malu.. malu...~~~

FRILL may refer to:
Frill (fashion), a form of trimming
Neck frill, the relatively extensive margin seen on the back of the heads of some reptiles
Oriental Frill, a breed of Fancy pigeon
Morals of the story :
1. kalau nak jadi cikgu, make sure betul- betul master the subject that we are going to teach.
2. always learn from your mistakes.
3. jangan ego. tanya kalau tak tahu.
4. bersangka baik.
5. kena banyak baca dan rujuk dictionary..

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