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The school field experience officially finished yesterday. I’m quite sad to leave the school anyway, after the 8 sessions working and mixing around with the school community. Alhamdulillah my field experience this time was as good as ever. Allah always be kind to me to put me with teachers who can accept and help me. Yesterday was really good though. I’ll miss it when I go back to Malaysia. For the whole day, we (Ayu and I) continued painting the table cloth banner to make it 10 metres! After all I guess I like the activity. =) Painting can be so much fun if you do it whole- heartedly. Even though I don’t have the inner talent (or what Miss Beck repeatedly said “you are real artist), at least I tried to do it.
I love school! I love the kids! I love being one of the communities in the school. It gives me sort of vivid picture how I will live my life after I finish uni. That’s one. The other one is I learn about life. True life. Real life. Me, have been born in such a great family, that is full of love, attention and care, I never went through the hardship, and serious trial and tribulations. I never saw my mom and my dad having a fight even the small one in front of us. I never felt hungry for the whole day. I never even had to wait or cook to eat when I went back home from school. Everything is perfect. Really perfect, that I can’t ever ask Allah for more for me and my family.
But, this life experience that I lived on, blinds my eyes, for the past years to see that actually there are people in this world who are not fortunate enough as me. Then, I shall say, schools taught me this. When I went to this school, I listened that some students are not emotionally fine like me when I was at their age. In such a young age when they are developing their cognitive, emotional, and physical, they have to face such a great life experience. For example, living in a broken family with divorced parents, seeing both mum and dad fighting in front of them, seeing mum with her new boyfriends and dad with his new girlfriends as both are challenging each other who can get better partner. Some are facing with poor family that they can’t even afford a house for themselves and knowing that the house that they reside is on sale. And they have to face it in at their young age when supposedly they are having 24 hours fun and love without thinking of adult’s problem. (and one more thing, tak semua orang putih kaya)

But, this is life. Yes, this is life. Life is full of trials and tribulations that everyone has to face. Either the adults nor the young, can’t escape it. Some are fortunate but some are not.
And this reflects to Islamic way of life. I am always thinking about the problems that i mentioned above, it’s because they are non- Muslims. In Islam, Allah guide us the way to deal with all of these problems (and other problems too). Everything, if we have faith in Allah, that He is the one who give us the tests, anything happen, we will return to Him back, we will ask for His forgiveness and we will strive for better tomorrows with the heart full of hope that Allah will show us the right way. And if we fail again, we will repent again and ask for Allah’s help and guidance again. And in that process, Allah purifies our heart. That is Muslim. Allah is the Almighty One that we put our hope.
But as for them, what they know, if they are struck with difficulties, thing that they go for is mostly alcohol or smoking, so that they can release the burden just for a while. Then, when the ‘high’ effect went away, they feel the miserable back. It’s not the way to solve the problem, but to forget the problem. And forgetting doesn’t mean you solve it.

That’s why I love the school here. The way they live their life is different to us, if we are practicing Muslims.

Thanks Allah for this great guidance.

“Robbana la tuzi3 qulu bana ba’ da iz hadaitana wahab lana milla dung karohmah innaka antal’ wahhab”

Ya Allah, berikanlah aku ilham untuk sentiasa mensyukuri pemberianMu

Finish the school field experience ~~alhamdulillah~~
Science Unit of Work due today
1 report to be done due this Tuesday
1 research report to be done due this Friday
1 research oral report on next next Monday

~~just write to remind me the’ tanggungjawab’ that I have over the time, jangan leka kerana update blog sangat~~

~~tomorrow is weekend~~ yeay …. Not a relaxing weekend though .. big grin =)

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