Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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I went to school today, with ‘kecut perut’. Know why? I had to teach them in Math lesson. My syndrome, no doubt. The ‘ketakutan’. The whole day I felt so cold because of the ‘ketakutan’ plus the weather is getting colder. But, Alhamdulillah, it went well, even though I still could not control the class. One thing I learn, a good teacher is always a good class manager. =)

That’s one thing. The other thing is, today, for the first time after a couple of years not doing it, I went painting! Yeah, painting. The part that I hate most for my whole life since I was little. Guess what, I never got an A or B for that. I mean for Arts no matter whether it was painting or colouring. What more, if it was both!

Oh, we (me, ayu best and the 2/3 CB students) had to paint a banner length 10 metres. It is going to be combined with another 110 metres banner painted by another school children and to be showcased during River Festival in Brisbane. Can you imagine? 10 metres? Ayu said it is not that long. But, for me, it’s enough to make me tired the whole day. How allergic I am with this painting thingy. actually, both of us did not expect to involve in this.
We thought that it was just for the students and we, as usual, had to supervise them. But, when the teacher got serious in searching the season long sleeve shirts for us, now, I noticed that we had to do something. But, Alhamdulillah, it turned up well. Anyways the theme for the banner is to reduce pollution. So, I could see that this young children (at the ages of 7 and 8) know what they should draw. They know that smoking is not good for the pollution, they know that green is the colour of good environment. They know that smokes for buses, and cars are the contributors to pollution. That amazed me.. and suddenly, this ayah played and ‘rewinded’ in my mind for the whole session.
“Dan ingatlah ketika Tuhanmu berfirman kepada para malaikat, “Aku hendak menjadikan khalifah di bumi.” Mereka berkata, “Apakah Engkau hendak menjadikan orang yang merusak dan menumpahkan darah di sana, sedangkan kami bertasbih dan memuji-Mu dan menyucikan nama-Mu?” Dia berfirman, “Sungguh, Aku mengetahui apa yang tidak kamu ketahui.” (2:30)

This ayah is a snapshot of the conversion between Allah SWT with the angels when Allah said He wanted to create caliph for the Earth. Caliph here means the mankind.
But what angles said, “apakah Engkau hendak menjadikan orang yang merosakkan dan menumpahkan darah..” from the word caliph itself, the angels knew that humankind will bring destruction to the world. And with Allah’s will, it is true.
It was, is and will be true. Because, as we know the Earth that we live now is getting ‘bad’ in condition. Who else that cause it, other than human being? In other ayah, I can’t recall which exact ayah is that, but, Allah says, timbullah kefasadan di muka bumi ini, di darat dan di lautan hasil daripada perbuatan tangan manusia (bima kasabat aidinnas).
Because of the excessive exploitation of the Earth, then, some responsible person come out with the idea to encounter this problem and one of the ways is to create awareness among the public so that they can take care of the environment. And this leads to painting this banner! Well, at least, through my contribution of painting the banner (more to, menghodohkan the banner!), I can say something to the world =)

Few snaps during the painting..
student's masterpiece "GREEN WORLD"


NEVER SMOKE - yes, never smoke!!

my masterpiece.. see, it proves what i said earlier..
it's okay, as long as people get the message

by, ayu best.. salute Ayu..


it's quite long. but this hasn't reached 10 metres yet!!
that's the sharing for today.. thanks Allah for this reminder. Today's activity reminds me of my other duty in this world except to be Your slave.. it is to be the caliph of the Earth..

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