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...the Creation of Adam from Amr Khaled..

since i have been reading Amr Khaled's article entitled the Creation of Adam for this few days, why not i share something that might give new knowledge to you guys. but i strongly encourage to those who have a lot of free time and have nothing purposeful to do, to read his writing =)

it's just copy paste. the whole article is in this link.

Shaytan was driven away from Paradise and it remained for Adam only. He lived alone, and so he felt lonely; he needed someone. Hawwa’ (Eve) was created from his rib while he was asleep. When he woke up, he found her beside him, he asked her:
- “Who are you?”
- “I am a woman”.
- “What's your name?”
- “Hawwa’”.
- “Why have you been created?”
- ”So that you may find repose in me”. (Isra’iliyat) (2).

Commenting on this:
• Why did she say “woman”?
Because she was created from “man”, so “woman” is part of “man”, and therefore the noun is derived from the noun “man”.

• Why was she called Hawwa’?
Because she was created from something alive (Hai in Arabic), i.e. Adam's rib.

• Why was she created while he was asleep?
So that he would not feel the pain of creation, which might cause some change in his heart toward her and prevent him from treating her tenderly.

Imam Al-Qurtubi in describing this point, “so that he would not feel the pain of her creation” says. “She was created while he was sleeping so that his heart would not change against her, because men are not dominated by emotions (affection, companionship, etc.). Hence, if he had felt the pain when she was created, he would have become annoyed with her as she had caused him pain.”

Can you imagine woman's pain while giving birth to her child? Emotions in woman dominate all other feelings, so her emotions increase with the increase of pain.
Can you appreciate the difference between man and woman?

The meaning of “to find repose in me” is to achieve reassurance and comfort on earth. Allah, be He Exalted and Glorified, says what means “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them” (TMQ, 30:21). So Woman was created as a symbol for repose, comfort and reassurance on earth. “Feeling reassured” refers to feeling comfortable and safe in a settled place, without which man becomes lost. Whenever Allah mentions Adam and Hawwa’, He mentions “to find repose in her”. The woman is able to make her house like Hell or make it full of comfort and safety.

Khadijah (RA) was a real comfort to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and she succeeded in achieving the target of her existence as a woman. Hence, when she died she deserved that moment when Jibril (AS) (Gabriel) descended from Heaven and told Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): "O Prophet of Allah! Give salutations to Khadija with Allah's peace. Tell her Allah heralds you with a palace made of mother-of-pearl". (Bukhari, Muslim)

Hawwa’ was created from a part of Adam. You may wonder: could she be created separately? Why was she created from Adam? Allah-be He Exalted and Glorified- says what means, "O mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person (Adam), and from him (Adam) He created his wife…" (TMQ, 4:1). This is to make man feel that woman is part of him; therefore, Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) last advice was, "Take good care of women". (Bukhari)

Note that Adam was created from earth’s dust while Hawwa’ was created from his rib. Each of them was created from the part he or she will deal with: Adam will deal with the earth, whether as a wrestler, a farmer or a fighter, and Hawwa’ will deal with children and husbands and motherhood. Thus, Allah, be He Exalted and Glorified, wanted to create everything from the origin of what it will deal with.

Furthermore, Hawwa’ was created from a crooked rib. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says, "Take good care of women. Woman was created from a rib, and the most crooked part of a rib is its uppermost part. If you start to straighten it, it might be broken, and if you leave it, it keeps its crooked shape. Hence, take good care of women". (Bukhari)

Hawwa’ was created from Adam's left rib, which is crooked because the function of the left rib is to protect the heart from injury. Therefore, the heart is surrounded by a crooked rib that protects it. Being created from a crooked rib does not signify that she is bad in behavior. Emotion is the dominating dimension in women, and most of the time it dominates logic so that woman would be able to practice her tenderness and kindness. The crookedness of the rib is something natural that helps the woman to perform her job. Be careful not to tell her, "Don't be jealous or don't get worried." because this would be "breaking" her. Also, do not tell her, "don't think with your heart, think with your mind". Beware of breaking her heart, because this would be breaking her essence.

There is another meaning mentioned by Imam Al-Qurtubi:

- The Angels said to Adam: "Do you love her Adam?"
- Adam said: "Yes".
- The Angels asked Hawwa’, "Hawwa’, do you love him?"
- She answered, "No!", though deep in her heart she had more love for him than he had for her.

Al-Qurtubi comments on this saying, "If women were honest in expressing their feelings of love to their husbands, Hawwa’ would have been the first to do it".

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the last part of this article reminds me of my beloved mum. she is the one who never says that she loves me, but, no one can beat her love, care, attention to me. but, abah did say those three words to me, in fact, always =)

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