Saturday, December 4, 2010

...because of doing the favour...

So, while waiting for a replied email, let's blog!!!!

Someone asked me a favour.... what type of favour? (dengar word 'favour' pun dah menakutkan.. egegege) A favour to finish up a tag. adeh... it's been a long time since i last answered tag tag survey survey and what not ni. okay, she asked me to do that to know more about me and to test myself how much do i know about myself (apekah? reasons nye sungguh la vague. saja je kamu kan?)

Okay, we'll see whether i will answer this tag or not. it's not a normal thing for me to tell public about myself except when i had girls' talks with my close girlfriends and then i would be more open to tell others about me. the reason being is, at that time, we all talked/shared about ourselves, how did we settle things, our histories, our family, our significant others, if any etc etc etc (that if we kept on talking, nasi akan kering di tangan, kan? kan?)

I think this time, i want to be a bit more open about myself here in this blog and celebrate this friend who eagerly wants to know what i think about myself (for her to make sense whether she makes the right judgment about myself, okay? adehh, macam2 la.) so bear with me la... if you don't wish to read it, skip to the next or previous post please....

really these are really the random ones and don't follow the priority. you may not know certain side of me even though you may have known me for a long time. hihihi...

First, let's c&p the question.

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note
with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you.
At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
You have to tag the person who tagged you
If I tag you, its because i want to know more about you..

25??? banyak nya.....

1. was born on 14 Rabiulawal 1408/ Friday/ 9.37 am

2. for the time being, i love white, pink and purple stuff. my preference may change later.

3. currently a graduand (at least until 14 December 2010) and after the date, i'm a degree holder in Bachelor of Education Studies (Primary TEFL) in simpler language, cikgu bahasa omputih kat sekolah rendah.

4. once i like a song, i will repeatedly play it until i'm bored with it or till i find another song that i like.

5. i don't want to just satisfy with my degree. if Allah grants, i want to continue my master and PHD studies.

6. when i get up from bed, first thing i will do (after baca doa bangun tido of course) is finding my netbook and check my emails. spend most of the morning time on the bed in front of it before really get up and walk around. because of this habit, my parents always think that i wake up late. and know what, this morning, my dad was talking to my sister saying "Yan tuh nak tunjuk benda tu, tido lewat, bangun lewat, makan banyak" adeh, perit kot because i overheard that. but, the fact is, i always wake up early but i'm just too lazy to switch on the light in the bedroom, so they think i'm still sleeping. okay, okay.. not their fault though.

7. i guess, everyone who knows me, knows this. i don't eat vegetables. not that i don't like them but they just don't cooperate with my appetite. i once loved carrots for two years (when i was in Australia) but now carrots are also out of my plate.

8. same goes with all types of fishes except ikan bawal goreng, ikan sardin and ikan bilis.

9. i don't like to go to shopping mall without any intention of buying things. either i will end up with muncung yang panjang or i spend like nobody cares.

10. i really really really want to master Arabic language because i want to understand the meaning of ayahs in the quran and feel its beauty just like the Arabs feel when they listens to Quran recitation.

11. love to collect fridge magnets and key chains. have plenty of them on the fridge and in my boxes.

12. wants to become one of the 'chains' who join up other chains from Rasulullah s.a.w to the next generations till day of judgment.. (xtau la orng paham ke x)

13. i'm the smallest in my family. when i say smallest, it refers to the height not the 'width'.

14. but, the only best thing becoming the smallest, people would think, i'm the youngest even though i'm the eldest of six siblings. once again i say, the ONLY best thing.

15. i don't like sweeping the floor. but, i enjoy mopping.

16. being a teacher has been my ambition since i was small. but, definitely not an English teacher. because i was truly a bad scorer in English language subject. a C for UPSR.

17. was good and a top scorer in Maths including Add Maths. but now i end up becoming an English language teacher and is currently bad and allergic with Maths apetah lagi Add Maths. adeh...

18. love photography and travelling.

19. had been crying for 3 days and 3 nights (senyap-senyap) knowing that i had to go study to Australia instead of UK. it took me a month to pujuk myself to accept the truth. tapi last- last, i fell in love with OZ. really Allah knows the best. Alhamdulillah Apek is there now. hope to go and visit him at least once or else, i'll go and study there. inshaAllah. (maknenye, i still can't let go UK.. hehe).

ok, it's finally the 20th.. nak tulis ape lagi nih.. kering idea dah...

20. rumah akan dilanda banjir at least once a year. so bulan 11 dan 12 ialah bulan yang penuh berjaga- jaga for me and the family.

21. i used to be very good in Malay language. since i entered and learned more about English, i lost the ability. now, i'm neither good in English nor in Malay. it's like the malay saying, "yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendong berciciran" (btw, is it applicable here? ah, bantai je la)

22. certain people said i'm friendly and others said i'm not. honestly i'm both. i'll be friendly to certain people and not for the others. really depends on who i'm dealing with and the mood i currently have (but, most of the time, the mood will change if i meet great people).

orait, relax jap... dah dapat replied email. get the work done first..

okay, let's continue!!!

23. enjoy blog hopping. but i just hop when i don't have better things to do at that time. once hopped, and once fell in love to the blog and its issue, i will become the silent reader and 'regular client' there. so, beware.. may be i'm one of the stalkers of your blog. hehe..

24. don't like to have attached feeling to anyone. once attached, it's hard for me to let go. mostly applied in friendship.


25. i think i'm a late bloomer.. (wah, tibe2!! no further explanation. full stop.)

okay miss, i finish with all 25 bla bla bla about myself.

just a sharing, if i'm not mistaken, (correct me if i'm wrong) Umar Al-Khattab once said if you want to know (taaruf) with a person, do these three things
1. tidur bersama dengannya
2. bermusafir bersama dengannya
3. berurusan dengannya.

so, if you want to know more, let's do these three things. ~~wink~~

okay2, i have to tag other people kan??? all right, let's have few names but i bet they may not do this thing since they have better things to do. tak pe lah. just give it a try. i would appreciate of they can answer this. hehe

Fariena, Abe, Naf, Iman, Ema, Saqinah.... who else ahh?? sapa2 yang nak buat, buat la. but, if you do it, inform me ya.. nak baca gak... (^_^)

p/s: oh, pain sungguh nak buat benda nih... keep on thinking, should i write or not...

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