Saturday, December 4, 2010

...graduation punya pasal...

Dear Cohort 4 QUT-ees, please go to QUT virtual -> graduation info -> check if you need to change ur name on the parchment and state if you want them to deliver parchment to your house before 6 Dec!!!!

Just got the above message from facebook shoutout. posted by Sarah and Kelsey. thanks dearie for reminding us including me who is "hardly-check-QUT-email-inbox" person.

Yes, i just checked what i am supposed to check and ahoy, the graduation ceremony will be on this 14 December at QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre). yeay.... i'm officially a graduate after the day...oh, how time flies...

Sadly, i'm not going to the ceremony which deep inside my heart, i really really hope someone who has more money than he/she should have would sponsor me to fly there. but i guess, i should be grateful enough and not to over-dreaming =P

Few of my friends are going to get their parchment there (and i'm totally green with envy ~~├▒gee~~ i want to join them...)

and, back to the message above, i've already selected to just get my parchment sent to my house.. huhu... sedih sih... i really really wish i can get it myself on the prestige stage from the Chancellor and also take pictures di bawah pokok Jacaranda yang purple (eh, jacaranda ade lagi ke bulan 12 ek?)...

okay, to add on to the sadness, i copy-paste what is written in my QUT Virtual wall

Congratulations on completing your QUT course requirements. Please respond to your ceremony invitation and register to graduate below. Alternatively you can register to receive your parchment via mail if you do not wish to attend a ceremony.

Ceremony 4 - NOT ATTENDING

Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010 10:30am

there's another QUT ceremony i can attend which is usually being held at Nikko Hotel, KL, but i'm not sure whether i can make it next year or not. plus, what if i am posted to hujung dunia. but for sure and inshaAllah if Allah grants i will be attending the one held in IPBA.

okay, i know i shouldn't melayan perasaan yang sedih dan terkilan ini. Allah definitely knows what's best for me. Sabarlah.

p/s: pssst.. but i do hope, i can attend Apek's graduation in UK later. (^_^)

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