Monday, January 17, 2011

...recent updates...

It has been quite some time, right? 11 days without any entries, not bad. i still can restrain myself from writing despite of plenty of free time. hehe. but i do miss to blabber here. by the way, let's start with recent updates about myself.

1. just came back from dusun eco for Jalinan 2011. and alhamdulillah wa syukurillah, i am glad, i could see lots of familiar faces there.. aside from 'charging' the iman. seronok that i don't have words suitable to describe the feelings. really grateful for Allah still choosing to be among these great people and i believe, i am stronger and more confident on the 'path' i have chosen last 2 years.

2. posting ~~ the most annoying thing to be thought of. but i just can't take it out of my mind. the super duper latest news is the posting for primary school will be made known in february. okay, i have another month of 'not teaching moments'. ada sapa2 nak offer saya kerja???

3. currently being a very successful house wife helper . masak, kemas rumah, drive, beli barang dapur. but, i'm glad, at least i have things to do. to my surprise, bukan nya best pun duduk rumah. patut la one of my aunties who is a housewife, sibuk-sibuk nak cari kerja, in which dulu i really wish, i can be one, so tak yah susah2 and penat2 macam jadi cikgu. tapi actually, letihnya macam orang kerja juga. wake up in the morning and still have to sleep late at night. (tapi dapat extra nap in the afternoon, hehe) to think on the brighter side, this is the only time i can help my parents doing household chores, who knows in future, i don't have time to look after the house at all. this is the time to make up times that i missed when i left for Australia. (^_^)

4. happy birthday to ma, idah and cik aya.. they are the january babies oldies in my family. and not to forget, Abe... (^_^) may Allah bless you and your life. alhamdulillah, this year, Allah granted me the chance to celebrate their birthdays which i haven't done for 6 years.

5. and lastly, i HATE SMOKERS (ni off the updates lah). haha, tiba- tiba pulak. it's not that sudden la actually. last night i was at Hentian Putra waiting for the bus. tension super and i really really felt like crying sebab udara tak segar. right left everywhere, bau asap rokok je. please la smokers, Allah dah ciptakan kita, manusia dengan sebaik- baik ciptaan, why on earth you transgress the title that Allah, the Creator himself has given us? guys, especially, by smoking, you definitely are not impressing us, women (diseru kepada lelaki miang yang nk ngorat by hembus asap rokok kuat- kuat). makin benci ada lah.. nak tegur sorang2 yg hisap rokok kat situ melampau la pulak kan? yelah, it's human right. by the way, we, the non- smokers ada lagi tinggi right tau. you guys hisap rokok tu, membahayakan kesihatan non- smokers jugak. please, love yourself and people around you. love the times that Allah has given you. Allah bagi umur panjang so that we can keep on being loyal slaves and khalifah. ni umur Allah bagi dah la tak berapa nak panjang (umat nabi muhammad ni, xde la hidup sampai 1000 tahun kan? 100 tahun pun 2,3 orang je) so, why do you guys keep on berusaha nak 'pendek'kan lagi usia tu? dah banyak buat amal kebajikan ye? i'm sorry to the smokers yang mungkin tiba- tiba stumble upon this blog and happen to read this, but, i don't have any other means to say that you guys.  

okay, dah habis recent updates. 


umai said...

huhu hopefully rumors psl primary nye posting lmbt tu tak btol..
izy tak tny ayah? if he knows

izyanhamizah said...

tu la... umai baca tak yang amy tulis kat fb tu? bulan 2 br nk susun yg primary pny... my dad doesn't know anything. dulu dia excited gak tanya here and there, now, dia pun macam malas nk layan. hehe..

dianakamal said...

Salam izy,

Memang cuak bila fikir pasal posting ni. Makin ditangguh makin berdebar. Nanti dah tau posting mana, update ye izy. Rindu kat izy!


izyanhamizah said...

betul2.. izy rasa diana tau dulu kot.. hehe. nnt inform izy jgak tau. rindu diana jugak. nak dgr dia crite2 lagi.. take care dear..

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