Wednesday, January 19, 2011

...posting post...

Some (a very small portion) of my course mates already know through phone calls and letters where they are going to be posted today... it includes me, except the phone calls and letters part. but, i still want to keep it secret because it is still unofficial. i mean, i knew it yesterday (18/1/2011) from my dad who has a friend and the friend has a friend (pening- pening) somewhere in KPM. so, the news i got is still unofficial and can't be 100% trusted (at least for me) + it may be a mistake. 

if anyone needs some info about the posting, this is the latest news i got from my friend. She said, you can check starting next monday 24/1/2011. so apalagi, bangun awal2, buka laptop, check posting kat mana. (and i really hope, kali ni biarlah berita ini betul, no more rumours. tak larat dah nak kecewa bila click on the website) 

thus, inshaAllah, i will disclose the state i get this monday... 

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