Monday, January 24, 2011

...tulis menulis...

okay, dah bosan asyik updates pasal posting je. lets write (and read) something other than posting. petang tadi, sempat lepak- lepak with my dad, teman dia makan nasi petang. so, our conversations continued from the kitchen to the living room. shockingly, he advised me to keep a journal, or diary about my life. he said, when you grow older and you can hardly remember a.k.a nyanyuk, you would want to refresh your memories on your previous life (sekarang pun dah selalu lupa.. kena makan kismis bnyak2 ni..). and he even reveal me his journal that he has started writing. cool ay! even though the journal is about his journey when he went to Sarawak few months back, that was interesting. i mean real interesting when he wrote everything in details. siap dengan masa.. even nak tido awal pun tulis juga. tapi xde la sampai mandi pun tulis pukul brapa. i definitely smiled throughout the reading session. sangat best.. tiba- tiba rasa semangat to write everything in this blog. every details that happen in my life so that later, not only me, but my future children, grandchildren (and the list goes on) pun boleh baca. i still can remember when i read an entry in that he is writing for his future generations. sebab nya, dia belajar from his experience of not knowing his dad in greater details (sebab ayah beliau lebih disayangi oleh Allah S.W.T) Click here to read the entry (^_^)

dan ada juga a few persons who i know virtually are writing a blog dedicated to their children. sangat sweet. they write every single experiences everyday. apa yang mereka go through besarkan anak- anak mereka. all the sweetness, difficulties, trials and i bet when their children grow up, they will appreciate their parents more for they know how hard the life of the parents are when they are small. 

boleh ke blog ni dibuat macam tu juga ye? hehe, i'm doing it.. even though agak malu when people read it. i'm not someone who is good in writing since my language is not poetic and my mind is not well- spoken. but hey, it's better than i have nothing. namanya pun blog personal. i force no one to read what i have written. its for me and currently for my family members to read it. but, it would be better if i can infuse moral values and Islamic teachings in my writing which so far i have tried very hard to do it. =) people often said, practice make perfect, right? so that, not only me but the others can take ibrah from here. thus, it's not just pure rumblings (like what i have written in some entries before ~~ngee~~)

sambung balik cerita with my dad. he encouraged me to be 'blogger berjaya' after i revealed that i now have my ~TINTA~ . blogger berjaya tu blogger yang make money with his/her blog. hehe. yang tambah2 nuffnang tu. adeh.. sakit jugak kalau nak buat tu. mungkin lambat lagi la capai taraf tu. i don't like to commercialize (eceh, betul ke guna word tu?) my personal stories even though i enjoy reading what those people write (tiba- tiba teringat lagu Ramli Sarip, Aku Menulis Bukan Kerna Nama, hish). rasa cepat gabra when i know someone reads my stories. so, pembaca sekalian, jadi silent readers je la ye? (macam la ramai sangat yang baca) hehe.. then, i made it clear to my dad, mungkin tidak.. at least for now, tapi who knows in future when i have better missions, interesting stories, clearer minds and better language to stand out as blogger tegar, i will go for it, inshaAllah (ye ke? lepas ni dah jadi cikgu, pasti ke ada masa nak update2 blog macam sekarang?).. hehe..

so, that's my story a.k.a another rumblings for today. and to conclude, deep inside my heart, i enjoy all the time with abah when he shares his experiences in life masa abah mengarut pun i like jugak ~wink~ and i miss it every time i am far from home (in case abah reads this blog someday.. hehe) 

hish, cmne nk jadi blogger tegar ni? structure pun huru- hara. kalau essay, fail dah ni..

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