Saturday, February 12, 2011 new life in my new place...

Alhamdulillah, finally i can go online again, after a week 'fasting' (fasting internet je). i am currently busy adapting with my new way of life, new routine, new crowd, every thing for me now is new.. a lot to say and record in this blog but i just don't know how and where to start... so, let it be in point form, so it's easier to say the gist..

1) i am now living with a family from Kelantan and they are very very very nice.. cook good and delicious things (there goes my dream to lost weight)

2) i have a car (kereta ehsan my family) but, it's enough to cope with my eagerness to visit places around

3) i get to teach my subject and also not-my-subject.. English Language for year 1, 2 & 4 and Living Skill for year 4. My school is just a small school with around 100-ish pupils and currently 19 teachers. and yes, only one class for each year.. average pupils in each class?? not more than 30 and my year 1 and 2 are below 20 pupils.. how good is that?? ~~├▒gee~~ wide grin

4) ... and my year 4 pupils are very eager to see me more than once per day. they even asked me for extra classes in the evening during our first encounter.... ~~herk~~ and everyday they keep on bugging me with "teacher, bila kita nak buat kelas tambahan ni?" yeah!!! that's the spirit guys.... (even though the teacher kept on answering, "nanti I fikir" because right now i still have to complete few administrative works)

5) the ex-headmistress, during our meeting of her farewell party, was very glad that sk tebong got two teachers with English Language option. before this, she is the only one b.ed tesl teacher in the school. but, she's kind of disappointed for not to be able to collaborate with us. (me too, puan)

6) i know it's not important but i still want to write here, i'm the only woman teacher who writes 'single' in the marital status.. how sad is that? (i have no companion to go out with, except a teacher who is engaged and soon-to-get-married)

7) SK Tebong is 30 minutes away from Malacca Town, 15 minutes from Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan and 30 minutes from Tampin, Negeri Sembilan.. and i do my shopping in N9. so, i'm two-timer.. Malacca cum N9... hehe  

that's all i can tell in the meantime. will continue updating this blog as much as i have the time..


cik ati said...

way to go, yan!

Nurul said...

salam k.izy... sikitnye murid n cikgu kat skolah tu.... xdpt nak bayang cmne.. esok dh nk start new sem dah.. ok all d best to you miss izy :)

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