Sunday, February 27, 2011

..update lagi...

On Sunday 27/2/2011 at 7.36 am, i'm right now in front of straits meridian hotel, to be exact, in a car. (read, bukan dalam hotel ye!) waiting for the clock to turn it's number to 8.00 am. yeah, i know it's stupid to wait in a car instead of in a restaurant while having delicious breakfast. but, stupid you may call, i prefer to have my fast internet speed than makan- makan. (^_^) the speed at this spot is just awesome. bukak youtube pun kejap je buffer. how i miss the life of a student at places with fast internet speed. hehe. by the way, i also miss writing posts for this blog. yelah.. memang asyik miss je la, when it's time to write, then i have no ideas, cheh...

okay, why do i wait for 8.00 am in front of Straits Meridian Hotel neh? I have a workshop to attend at IPGM-Perempuan Melayu Melaka. A workshop of using KUNTUM (you know, the kids/primary school pupils' magazine) in the classroom. It's not compulsory, but I have nothing better to do on Sunday morning so, I volunteer. (tibe-tibe van kuntum lalu depan mata and it fetches two ladies in front of the hotel, adeh sempat lagi tu) hehehe..

okay, as quick as i can, since now is already 7.46 am and the Kuntum van just left the hotel's compound, below are my latest update about myself.

- now i only teach English at school, no more KH. at least for now. next year, xtau lah..
- i will not rent a house on my own, so for the time being, i'm living with the kind akak- akak.
- ergh, can't think this fast. will update later. sorry...

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