Thursday, June 2, 2011


oh ampun, blog sudah lama tak berupdate... al- maklum la, tuan punya blog sibuk bercuti.. hehe

in point form..

  • am currently at home. ape lagi nak cakap. i should be grateful since i have full days of holidays. meaning, i don't have to teach extra class during this two-weeks holiday *grin sheepishly*.
  • am currently at home. yes. but with different feeling. my sis is not with  me at home. oh, rasa sangat weird berada di rumah ni ber'status'kan the one and only daughter. both of my sisters are in their respective colleges. and i hope it's not too late to congratulate my 5th sibling for getting a place at INTEC, congratulations Idah!! another congratulations to Iroh (who i believe frequently come to this blog) for getting listed in the dean list, again!!. p/s Iroh: dah langsai hutang. i have treated you domino pizza. nak domino lagi, kena dean list lagi. hehe
  • 28/5/2011 - done with second convo ceremony, this time at IPBA. twas a great day. walaupun sedih and huru hara pada awalnya. huhu.. i was late during the day. it was supposed to be at 7.45am. but i left Putrajaya at 7.45am!!! thought i couldn't make it that day.. memang cuak abis, mne tak cuaknya. lecturer said, if you're late than you can't come in. ape lagi, dah la drive sesorang pagi tu, (my parents and siblings got up late) gamble je la.. i drove as fast as i could, merbahaya habis la. siap bagi2 lampu lagi kat kereta yang kononnya laju dok kat fast lane tuh.. thanks Allah, there were not so many cars on the roads so the traffic was clear. kalau tak memang abis la.. in less than 30 minutes, i safely arrived at IPBA (tak tau la kalu poket jap lagi xsafe.. yelah, who knows if i got speed trap pulak ke.. nauzubillah) dengan high heels nye, berlari naik bukit kejar masa. lecturers who i passed through told me to calm down while i guees they were thinking funny about me (yelah, pakai kemain ayu dengan high heels skali, tapi berlari, tak ke hancur tuh? huhu. seb baik tak tergolek kat mne2) yang paling hampeh, sampai2 je sana, staff on duty said that we've to wait for another 30 minutes. hughhhh, seb baik tak bertukar jadi hulk hogan. to think positive, i thanked Allah for making me able to come in time and most importantly, safe and sound... an hour after i arrived, my parents and siblings were there. seb baik they could make it to the hall, kalau tak, memang ade yang merajuk tak makan pujuk la...hehe.. owh, i'm so glad, i'm done with my study and convo. so far. 5 and half years went so fast and very well.
  • 27/5/2011 - prior to the convo day, i went out with Saqinah and Fariena. twas the best day of the week. i missed them damn much and we had our brunch at our all-time favourite restaurant, Domino Pizza at Mid V. then off we went to jalan TAR. ape lagi, shopping shawl for my baju convo la.. seriously, rasa 'segar' sangat bila meet up dengan diorang, share stories of our own schools.. after this, we might not have the same chance anymore.  
  • after the convo, went back to putrajaya and was stranded at precinct 2 with hari sejuta belia and jom heboh. seriously, they were gathering a million of belia all around malaysia and personally, i'm afraid if those belia meneraju malaysia in near 5 to 10 years ahead. they're not the rijal that islam's waiting for. that's what i can say seeing the situation at that moment. 
  • on sunday, we sent iroh back to dungun and straight away came back home... (^_^)  then at 7pm, home sweet home. (malam tu trus tido tak sedarkan diri sampai pagi sebab penat sangat drive from setiu to rumah.. kecoh je, baru je drive sikit trus 'pengsan' hehe)..
  • activities at home - jadi driver, mark exam papers, shopping tudung untuk kakak2 di melaka.. hehe. marking exam papers is a real pain. huhuhu..

okay, dah langsai hutang update my current whereabouts. phiewww..

convo pics

mommy and daddy

dapat bunga n teddy bear tu akhirnya berjaya memujuk hati yang hampir3 merajuk
keh keh keh materialistik sungguh

 he asked "where are you teaching now?"
i replied "Malacca"
then, he and Wendy said "oooooooooo"
fellow c4 qutans

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