Thursday, October 13, 2011

...updates minggu ini..

Life is better than last 2 weeks. alhamdulillah, finally everything turns out fine. but, still few big things will be happening for next few weeks.

the earliest will be the Educational Trip to Bukit Merah Lake Town and Cameron Highlands (if you want to make it educational, but it's more to fun time.. hehe.. agak- agak la, kalu dah g main air kat bukit merah tu, educational ke??? hmmmm, in doubt!) and the trip is tomorrow!!! honestly, i'm freaking out. this is the first trip i have ever organized. don't know what to expect, but i have and will try my best to make it a success (and hopefully, no one will do stupid magic in the bus =P ) this week would be a hectic (yet enjoyable week, i pray!) 7 days straight bekerja... 

right after the trip, kids will be having final year examination (big relief for teachers sebab tak payah buat lesson plans) but sadly, not a relief for me as i will have my SPP interview (finally a yeay!!!!) ahoy, it's not in Malacca, but it's in Johor.. how on earth i kena hantar interview kat sana pun i have no idea... so, i'm going there alone on tuesday. and the interview is on wednesday.. so, now is the time for me to read read and read.. 

i guess that's all for now. got to go.. kan dah kena baca banyak benda.. xboleh nak hang out lama- lama kat blog.. hehe.. please pray for me. i hope the interview goes well and i'll pass (itu yang paling penting)

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Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari kegundahan hati dan kesedihan,
Dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari sifat lemah dan malas,
Dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari sifat penakut dan bakhil,
Dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari lilitan hutang dan tekanan orang.

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