Saturday, October 8, 2011

...fruit salad day...

sebab post pasal budak tu appear in front of my eyes every time i click on this blog, so, i have to update as soon as possible so that it don't have to repeatedly remind me of the incident.

i love cooking a.k.a preparing food and i enjoy cooking if and only if i have mood to do so or i HAVE TO cook (like there's no one to cook for me, and i'm alone).. but usually i prefer the first reason. same goes for today, my family from kelantan was here to send apek off to UK and they never tasted my fruit salad, so i made some ( eh some ke??? i buat dua bowls besar). i forced my family to stay awhile and i shot to alamanda to buy the ingredients. the more the merrier, we had ayah man and ayah jik' s family with us. =)

so, i'm more than eager to make them eat my food. by the way, this is the first fruit salad recipe i have learnt ever. it was during my study in Brisbane and we usually had this dish during our gatherings (owww, miss my fellow brisbanians) i also prepared this at SK Tebong..

i couldn't remember who taught me this and where she got the recipe but i hope she allows me to share the recipe here. so, if you want something light and the most importantly EASY (ape-ape yang easy memang i suke) and yummy, you can consider to prepare this for your loved ones (even for your colleagues during potluck)


sour cream or fresh/natural yogurt (any brands sure do - but make sure it's halal)
canned fruit cocktail (any canned fruits that you like - i like peaches, pineapples and lychees) make sure to check halal label
sweetened creamer
that all ...... hehehe

how to do it???
1, buka tin (duuhhhhhh....)
2. mix all the fruits into a bowl. (pastikan you put the water away.. maksudnya, tos kan air tu... we just need the fruits not the juice.)
3. put in the sour cream or yogurt into the bowl and mix them. make sure the fruits are coated with the cream
4. then, put some sweetened creamer (secukup rasa, kalau nak manis, letak banyak, kalau nak masam, letak sikit.. but i prefer to make it less sweet)
5. lagi sedap kalau letak dalam peti untuk sejukkan dia..
6. lepas tu boleh makan... =)

senang kan?? memang sangat senang, even i yang malas ni pun larat nak buat.. hehe

siapa yang rasa nak try tu, by all means la...

nak letak gambar tapi internet ni slow la... nanti lah later- later ek?? hehe

inilah kisah saya menyediakan makanan. in my daily life now, i hardly prepare the food because my housemates are wonderful cooks, their cooking are super duper delicious and they love to pamper me with food, so don't expect me to cook much these days. hehehe.. but i may say, i enjoy cooking especially when i want to please loved ones. back in brisbane, i would bake cakes, and cooked ayam percik when we had gatherings. it was okay to not have enough nap/ sleep when i had to cook for them because i love them (chewaahh, pengumuman jujur). i used to bake cupcakes during a junior's birthday and rasanya that was the first and last time so far.. hihi.. xde masa nak buat dah sekarang, ohh, how i long to bake cakes!!

kelakar kan cerita-cerita pasal masak memasak ni, al-maklum la sekarang i hardly cook. bukan malas tapi again, the situation doesn't force me to cook. hehe..

enough enough... got to go.. toodles...


nurilahi said...

I miss your ayam percik...seriously...

izyanhamizah said...

oh, i miss u more than i miss my ayam percik.. seriously

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari kegundahan hati dan kesedihan,
Dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari sifat lemah dan malas,
Dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari sifat penakut dan bakhil,
Dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari lilitan hutang dan tekanan orang.

::kind readers::