Tuesday, December 13, 2011

...happy belated 24th birthday.....

to me.............................................

Hahaha  I'm bored. 

Can I dedicate this boring moment to post an entry about my birthday celebration this year (which was a month and 10 days ago)? hehehe

well, this year, my birthday date fell on the same date with Eidul Adh celebration. I can say it was special (^_^). of course la special, bukan selalu satu dunia boleh celebrate sama2 ngan i (ayat lame manusia2 yang perasan dan kurang popularity) =P

my 24th (ahhhh, dah tua!!) birthday celebrations were awesome. oh, sila take note ade penggunaan plural di situ ye.. yes, this year i got 3 celebrations and so many presents. waa, terharu sangat2. 

the first was during SPBT course at Goldcourse Hotel, Klang. for those who don't know what is SPBT, it's the acronym for Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks. I had to attend the course since i'm the teacher in charge for textbooks in school. they sang the song and gave a wall clock as present and it's white in colour.. double happy yeayyyy. =)

(no pictures to be uploaded) 
(sila gunakan imaginasi sendiri untuk menggambarkan suasana kursus dan sambutan tersebut.) 
(pesanan penaja) 

the second one was with yours truly, someone special. i didn't know the outing was actually to celebrate my birthday since it was on the 3rd of november. i was surprised when the present was presented and triple happy, i got something i have ever wanted and planning to buy... yeayyyyyy, happy lagi. thanks to you, mr. you-know-who.. (^_^)

tadaaaa, ni hadiahnye.. baru berkira-kira nak beli jam baru. seb baik dah ada yang belikan.. 
save duit i.. hehe

and jangan tanya mana gambar event nye.. sebab sekeping pun xamik mse outing tuh.. 

and the third one was of course with the loved ones; my family and also Kak Ti, my ex-english teacher with her husband, Steve. it was on the night of eid. my mum gave me money to pay for a portion of lembu for qurban as the present.. heyyy, happy lagi. alhamdulillah. and yes, a cake even though without my name on it.. hehe... plenty of food? of course.. you want it, you name it.. tapi kena name nasi dagang, fruit cocktail, and pasta bake je lahh.. hihihi

okay, this time banyak gambar. tengok lah puas- puas.. =)

the food yang kononnye plenty 

the cake

the 'eaters'.. 
eh ayah jih mane?? dia yang makan banyak..

okay, here he is with tok ma and abah =)

we all je yang ade kat rumah.. apek and iroh non ado..
pics taken before sembelih lembu

pic taken before lembu disembelih, dimasak dan dimakan. dah arwah lembu ni..

what's there to be regretted to be izyan hamizah md izaman? Ya Allah, indeed, i'm grateful and thankful for what you have borrowed to me in this world. You are The Greatest, btw (^_^) 
"So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?" (surah ar-rahman)

oh, sure ke i'm 24 this year ni?? i feel young... young at heart.. hehe.. well, many thanks to those who wished me and prayed for me on my birthday. i was so shocked when i logged in the fb and got nearly two hundred wishes waiting to be read. once again, i'm blessed with so many friends in life. alhamdulillah =)

fuh, lega boleh siapkan post ni.. 
(sambil lap-lap peluh)

till we meet again.. bye (^_^)

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