Monday, March 12, 2012

...been a while...

I have been away from this blog for quite sometime, aye? and it's already 2012.. how time flies and i'm already 25 this year (huk huk huk, feel so old already lah) 

Being 25, i'm very busy adapting (read adapting, tau.. bukan adapted) to my working life, but what i can conclude is, it's getting better. hopefully, there no more tears because of budak buat magic =P i think this first quarter of 2012 went well. more friends are betrothed and get hitched. more babies coming. what a merry life (of them). Me? i'm just the same Izyan except for more workload coming from school.. hahaha, what a ______ (insert your own adjective here) life!

well, just to mention, i got a new member in life. the one that will be accompanying me all the time when i am away from home.. and definitely i'm so grateful having 'him' in my life now. i feel safer.. ohhhh, thank you Allah for this blessing. 

yes, it is worth mentioning about him =)

presenting, for the first time to this very blog, 

none other than

(insert drum rolls here)


(or well known as Mr. K)

opss, sorry if you think he's a man

and yes, my new companion is Mr. K, my very own first car.. (^_^)

now, ma doesn't have to worry if i travel extra miles or come home late at night.. yeayyyy

so, in conclusion, after a year of working, i get a new car 

maybe another year, i get myself the permanent-without-pension-till-i-die car driver.. ameen. let's make it an inference. hihihihi

gotta go.. and btw, i'm HOMED. yes~~ at least for a week.  

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Dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari lilitan hutang dan tekanan orang.

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