Saturday, March 17, 2012 time!!...

This holiday has been a "good" holy-days for me. it changes me into a cook!! having two outsiders at our house makes us different. from buying food to making our own food (wah, ala-ala feeling plants gitu). and i have been the cook (alongside Chef Iroh) at home. thanks to the guests so i could feel how tiring it was to cook every lunches and dinners. hehehe.. but really, i enjoyed cooking. (oh, such a fuss la izyan ni, baru je masak sikit dah sibuk nak shout out dalam blog) well, it worth blogging about it since i hardly cook now.

for a start, i baked a banana cake. thank god i think it tasted finger licking good (mum said so *big grin*) , but the physical appearance, it was a fail. (hahahaha) and sadly, i could not diagnose why my first banana cake didn't look the same as the shops sell. will try it again later (later yang tak tahu bila dah)

then, i cooked daging salai masak lemak cili api. iroh said it was okay. I didn't expect much since that was my first hand experience. the dinner was sotong sambal. it was really spicy but it turned out good (^_^)

the last dish was ayam dodek. oh, it is just our family name for ayam percik. as you know kelantan is famous with ayam percik, so i cooked one for the guests and the most interesting part was, we had the guests to grill the chickens. hehehe. dera tetamu. *_*

by the way, i took pictures of ayam percik, but it cannot be transferred for now. so, the pictures will be uploaded soon. inshaallah..

and yes, just to mention, we had solat hajat event at home (we prayed for Mr. K is okay and nothing bad happens while driving it and yea, our safety on road too) on Wednesday and the men were served with itik kerutuk and ulam- ulaman. they said it was delicious. alhamdulillah. it was the rezki from Allah to us.

that's all for today's short update.

starting from today, i have to write something in this blog even though i have nothing to share.

excuse my lameness but hey, it's my ' world' if you think it's worthless, back off.. thank you for now.

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