Thursday, March 29, 2012

...Happy Birthday, TP...

Postponed post...

Okay, i know i didn't keep the promise i made in previous post. Sorry for those who really wait for new updates (macam la ade kan? =P) well, it's just a plan. We plan, but Allah decides. hehe.. 

btw, straight to the point. this post should be written no later than 26th of March 2012, or else it's already 'basi' but i don't have time right after the date. Millions of apologies.. 

okay, let's continue.....

well, on the date before 26th, it has been one of Allah's khalifah's birth day anniversary and i celebrated it with this person and be with TP (read: this person) almost the whole day. 

some of you may ask, what is so important about TP that i would spend my day with TP?

 indeed TP is very important to me. TP has been the one who knows most things about me and the most precious is TP will always be by my side, no matter what - through my thick and thin, ups and downs. Alhamdulillah, i'm really grateful to still have such person in this stage of life. (^_^)

what we did on that day?

for the first time, i took pictures for everything we did. i just want to freeze the moments and make them my "things i should remember" once i grow grey hair. back to the question (excuse my go-around-the-bush =P), we did not have much activities done on that day. the quality time together did count. we started off having lunch at KFC. opps not we but only TP. TP hadn't got the lunch so we went to feed the stomach first or else, we started to "go crazy". Then we headed to Tanjung Bidara, the place that i wanted to go (errkk even though it was TP's birthday but i chose the place =P). 

we spent most of the time there sitting on the rock and chit- chatting about our life. we walked along the beaches and enjoyed watching peoples around. we performed asar prayer at the prayer room there since we decided to wait for the sunset. along the way, we bersembang, bersembang dan bersembang lagi, laughing, taking pictures, sharing great stories about ourselves, sharing dreams and whatnot. (^_^)

 Tanjung Bidara, Melaka

 kat melaka orang panggil 'Long Chan' which in Kelantan we call it Sarsi Malaysia (rasenye la~~~)

When the sun was about to set 

When it was about maghrib time, we went to Jusco Ayer Keroh for the dinner. prayed Maghrib there, thanking Allah for the blessing He bestow upon us. I treated TP at Johnny's Restaurant since it is our favourite restaurant in the meantime. over the scrumptious meal, we chatted and chatted and chatted again - non stop. I sneaked out to Popular to buy TP present as well as the cake (just a slice of Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe). I had to do it since before the date, i really did not have time to go out and find for presents.

it was spoon licking good =P

at first i wanted to buy us rings but sadly, i did not know the size of TP's ring finger. will find out sooner or later. hehe.. inshaAllah. so, i ended up buying TP a Quran with Malay language translation of meaning since TP did not have one. i remembered one of my friends once told me, if you love someone, give the person something precious such as quran, books or other things that help the person be someone better. seriously, i love TP and i gave TP a quran for TP will be someone better each day (inshaallah) and read quran with at least slight understanding of what Allah says in the Quran. =) 

since we had another 2 hours before the clock ticked 12, we decided to finish off the day at MBMB while we recapped the ups and downs we went through in past days. subhanallah, i was (and still am) grateful that Allah sent me TP in a place where i need support most. i thank Allah for that and each day i'll learn to appreciate TP more and more. (^_^)

then, after 12, i sent TP home.

~the end of the day~

alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah, the day went amazingly beautiful for us even though it was simple.

to TP: this post is absolutely yours and I will always remember you and your kindness every time i read this. I hope you enjoyed the day, felt happy and appreciated as much as i enjoyed mine (since i worked hard to plan this =P). so, for your note, please keep in mind that someone has ever celebrated your birthday to show how important you are in her life. then, you have no reason to mention 'No one ever celebrated my birthday since i was born'

TP, Thank You For Being Born 


  p/s: please don't ask me why I use TP not the name or the gender of the person. This person is just so special that i don't want to share with others even the name. 

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