Monday, March 12, 2012

...Why Mr. K? Why????...

Almost everyone I met asked me why I named my car in short, Mr. K.. Not Mr. A, B, or C..

Well, the answer is ...... 

Suke ati I la, kete I.. 

hehehe.. huh, pendek sangat answernye.

okay, okay, to be honest i have few reasons why i short-named him Mr. K.
(please don't ask me why it's a 'him' not 'her') 

Mr. K in action. Picture taken at Ray Tech Bangi when he's getting his first 'sunscreen'

the first reason is .... 

which almost everyone guessed is 

it's yellow in colour

so, those who don't speak Malay, yellow means kuning in Malay

so, kire macam Mr. Kuning la

partly true but it's not the main reason why it's named Mr. K


the second reason is because,

the plat number is WWK****

so, i took the K, the latest alphabet of the word string

but still, it's not the major reason


and yes, finally this is the solid/first reason why it's called Mr. K

as i mentioned in been a while

Mr. K's full name is Mr. Khalid.

yes, that's the reason

K stands for Khalid

but, another 'WHY', 

why Khalid? 

Not Comel, or Lumina, or Cutie, or Comot 

well, it's simply because i like the name of KHALID


it reminds me of the awesomeness of Rasulullah's companion, Khalid al-Walid

yes, that's the reason

Do you know who's Khalid al- Walid and what was his contributions/sacrifices to Islam?

Click here to know more.

Well, I want my car to be as strong as him and be the one who will bring me (literally) to the right paths, 
not the wrong ones.

InshaAllah (^_^)

May Allah ease and bless

well peeps, that's all.

p/s : 
I hope there's no more "huh, hah, who and why" when i say he's Mr. K or Khalid =P

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