Monday, November 18, 2013

Blouse Muslimah

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Today is the first day of year- end holiday. but, i am not having it because Mrs. Headmistress needs us the teachers to be there these two weeks. So, by right, we can go back to Kelantan on the 1st of December. Yeah, fair enough, I also have a lot of things to do before meeting the loved ones with light heart. hahaha..

Since, this is already the holiday, I choose not to talk about school, at least for today. Let's talk about business. Just so you know, i already have a boutique online. just click and you'll be directed there.

I am the newbie in this business. but among all business that we have in this world, why baju muslimah?? haha.. 

1) sangat susah nak cari baju muslimah yang cantik di pasaran. err, at least for me. so, to help those muslimah who are in the same boat with me, i share those with you.

2) most of the blouses are cotton-made, which are sangat lah mengikut sunnah. i'm not a big fan of baju lycra. ala, baju yang melekat kat badan tu la. because you know, dia akan menampakkan lemak2 yang bertaburan di merata- rata tempat. so, 100% cotton blouses are definitely the helper. 

3) sebab ia menutup aurat. i dont want to share saham dosa of people pakai baju tak cukup kain. at least, sharing with them baju muslimah yang trendy ni, dapat la pahala menolong mereka memilih baju yang sopan. aameen hopefully.

err, i dont have so many reasons to set up this business. but alhamdulillah, i'm enjoying the life. at least, balik sekolah, i have something to look forward. dan masa lapang pun dah terisi. kiranya this business is sangat lah part time. tapi useful. a lot better than sleeping and watching tv all day long and of course, i learnt a lot too. i make many friends. what's more to ask. thanks Allah for all these. 

so, if you are keen to muslimah wearing that covers aurat, by all means, do drop by at my fb page Simplystunning Boutique.

Till we meet again, bye dan salam..

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