Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gold Coast Morib - post tertangguh berzaman. hahaha

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Yes, it's the time to review our latest short vacation. As some has known, both of us went to GOLD COAST MORIB on Wednesday (20/11/2013). It was just one night stay but alhamdulillah, we enjoyed every second of our life there. hehehe..

So, let's do some reviews on this place. But mind you, this is my experience and maybe different with yours if you go there.

I booked the hotel on Monday and it was unplanned. my husband didn't know that i booked it because he was sleeping at that time, and i got such a good price RM248.01 for a night stay, 2 breakfast and dinner buffet and 2 entrance tickets for the water park. It's worth it even though Groupon offered a slightly cheaper price (but it was sold out - that made me book the room from their official website). 

Check in
1. That was smooth and quick. I just needed to fill in the form (IC num, address and signature only) and i got the key. the process was less than 5 minutes i guess. 

The room
2.It's the room to die for. hahaha exaggerate a bit. we liked the room plus we had our own private Jacuzzi, my dream bed, and it was in front of the pool. good scenery, everything was working =D what's more to ask. we are ready for our honeymoon!!!. hahaha

The food
3. I tell you, the food was good. tak tahu nak cakap ape, tapi kami balik bilik dengan perut boroi. plenty of food to choose. a bit spicy but it's good for me. the spiciness didn't overshadow the taste of the food. hahaha. i looked around, everyone seemed to enjoy their food and left nothing on the plates. service-wise? the waiters and waitresses were quick. maybe their motto is, "pantang lihat pinggan licin" hahaha.. so, plates tak de la menimbun di meja.. siap ada yang tolong tuangkan juice dalam glass lagi. padahal buffet. 

4. Suitable for kids. Kami yang tak dak kids ni, memang terasa kebosanan nya. just being there for one hour and off we went to our room for jacuzzi. we went on the next morning and experienced little rain but that didn't stop the kids to enjoy the slides and pools. both of us, the overgrown kids tried few slides but we were not allowed to use the big ones because we just wore t-shirt and trousers. kena pakai proper swimming attire untuk naik big slides tu. tapi i didn't really mind. apelah sangat slides tu berbanding dengan aurat mahal untuk suami ni. hahaha. tak naik pun tak pe, asalkan tak kena pakai swimming suit yang maha ketat tu. =P

from other reviews that  i read before, they complaint about the uncomfortable smell. yes, ade la sikit. rupanya in front of the resort, there is a feedmill. so, memang bau dia ' wangi' sangat la. but tak menganggu pun vacation kitorang yang best ni. dalam perjalanan nak g bilik kitorng pun, bau ni takde. 

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