Friday, April 3, 2009



finally, Darussalam got it's own internet connection started from today, after two months longing for it. =) smile~~smile~~ and smile... k.ainun, we can online2 at DS after this!!

btw, Darussalam is our house's name..

why did we choose Darussalam as the house's name?

it's just because of this ayah,

"and Allah calls (human) to Darussalam (Home of Peace) and guides whom He wills to a Straight Path" (10:25)

yes, it's the name of one of the paradises. and that's the purpose. we want a house that gives us peace, not just physically (surrounding) peace but peace in mind, soul and iman..

Darussalam is not a house that is full of expensive furniture or worldly accessories, in fact when we entered it, it was empty and unfurnished. nothing in it. no sofas, no tv, no tables, no fans.. but, one thing that makes me love this place is that, it's calm, and when it's night, it's shone with hundreds stars, makes me feel so close to Him.

nurulsaqinah and me are the hurr of Darussalam.. =)

and we hope this house is blessed as the house of Al- Arqam b. Abi Al- Arqam, shed with the light of this deen..

thanks Allah for making everything possible for us and helping us when no one can help..


p/s: credit to my dear nurul for bersusah payah to make sure DS gets the internet connection. i personally really admire your patience.. jazakillah hu khair.. may Allah reward you with the best rewards.. =)

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