Monday, July 27, 2009

...and, i want to take it seriously...

Uni has started last week, and this semester will be my final semester in QUT as well as Australia. I have made few renewals of my resolution for this semester that I shall make it secret here. It’s between me and My Lord =). Amazingly, this semester, I am taking Teaching Reading and Writing unit as one of my electives which, the other is Story Telling in Early childhood. Basically, it’s (Teaching Reading and Writing) a unit that prepares future teachers to teach reading and writing for early years students as well as to be equipped with special skills and exposure on how to tackle the students who are at risk of reading and writing. Why I say ‘amazingly’ above? Actually, at first I was not keen of taking this unit as we (my cohort) are the pioneer of this unit after the cancellation of Maths, ICT and Science electives in our requirement. That’s the first reason, the second reason is, I reflected on myself who are not a good reader and writer myself. Therefore, I thought that if I took this unit, I might not feel confident and suffer for low self confident (hehe, penyakit dari kecik). And the last reason which I guess, turned up to be the major reason why I don’t want to take up this unit was, I may not be able to score high grade on this.

So, what makes me change my mind (well, I shall say it’s quite a sudden of changing my decision)?
There are quite a few reasons why I change my mind but the ultimate one is because of one of the ayah in Quran. Just a simple one, and I believe everyone who read my blog know this word.

Yes. It’s just because of the word “IQRA’”

The first word that was revealed to our beloved prophet was ‘IQRA’ which means READ. So, don’t you think reading is important? If not, Allah won’t ‘wahyukan’ this ayah as the first one above other deeds that we have in Quranul Kareem. And, the explanation from Ust Halim when he was here in Brisbane that day, made me more confident to take this unit.


As far as I could recall my memory, he said that, Allah asks our Prophet to firstly read portrays that knowledge is very important in our life and we can change our lives by getting much knowledge. Can you imagine or recall? In the time of Prophet Muhammad before he was not mandated as Prophet of Allah, how was the life of people of the Arabs? They were merely nothing. NOTHING in term of its civilization if compared to the civilization of Rome and Parsi at that time. Allah then, sent Prophet Muhammad to change the lives of the people in Arabs that (if we fast forward of this seerah story), the Muslims (pioneer by Rasulullah, an Arabs with his sahabah, most of them are Arabs) later became ON TOP OF THE WORLD (ustaziatul ‘alam) in the time of Abbasiyyah (if I am not mistaken, correct me if I am wrong). So, what changes this? It’s the word IQRA’. Why? Let we ponder ourselves. How does the knowledge can be gained? Undeniably most of the knowledge in the world nowadays can be found through reading. It means that reading is very very very essential to us if we want to success (raise up your hand if you don’t agree with my statement).

Long story cut short, if we look at our society nowadays (I believe that most of the readers if not all are Malay and Muslim), how many students who enter SECONDARY school (note that it’s secondary not primary) do not know how to read? I also believe that most of you will say, “yes, quite a lot” (if you are concerned about your friends in the last class!!). Sharing the story with my parents long time ago, they said that there was at least one class of the students (that means about 30 something) who entered secondary school DID NOT KNOW how to read. =(

They do not know how to read? How are they going to survive in this 21st century where everything that we want to do, we must know how to read? Even worst, we don’t just read from the old newspaper, but we have internet that everything is updated in super fast second. Don’t you think that they will lag behind a lot of the things?

And, straight away, at that time, I was so pitiful to them and my parents kept on discussing about this matter. Who are you going to blame if it happens to your relatives? I bet most of you will say, ‘the primary school teachers’. The same answer that I told my parents at that time. If you ask me the same question again now, my answer will be different as I look at this problem in more broad perspective. I will not solely blame the teacher, as I did when I was immature long time ago. But, I don’t deny that it might also be the fault of the teacher.

And it actually has answered the questions why I want to take up this unit. I don’t want to be blamed for not doing my job educating the children until they can at least read and write. This responsibility that I have is not just from the Malaysians, ie: the parents, the children, but, this responsibility is given by Allah to me. He has chosen me as His Abid and Khalifah of the World with extra nikmat of giving me the true fikrah and understanding of His Deen. If I am not the one who wants to take this responsibility to have extra work, educate the next generations, and bear all the pains, can I just let others who do not know how to read and write accept all of the burdens, ie educate the Ummah? The onus is on me and my fellow colleagues to teach the students not just bright students but also students who have disadvantages for example is those at risk in learning how to read. In fact, they are the ones that we should give extra care of.

I want Muslims to be the greatest Ummah of the world and Allah has promised that. What I (and also you) have to do is to sacrifice ourselves to see Islam as Ustaziatul ‘alam. You do your part and I’ll do my part, and if we are together with the same mission and pure niat, the success will be ours.

I guess I should stop typing now. I have another class after this. What I write here is something that I really feel at this very moment. I hope this same spirit will stay with me until Izrail comes and bring me to My Lord.

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