Sunday, February 27, 2011

...Kisah Kuntum...

right now, i'm broadcasting in front of TESCO, Malacca, still in my iswara baby. haha, sume tempat jadi tempat online dah sekarang. just done with my shopping. i bought a cupboard. alhamdulillah after 3 weeks of searching i found one exactly the same as i dreamt on. (nak beli almari pun siap bermimpi tau)

the workshop (refer the post below) was awesome. i enjoyed the session besides me being the youngest teacher who joined the workshop. my workshop mates were friendly and have years of experience in teaching. very very senior ones.. but, humble, they exactly are. they shared a lot of things and tips as we did our hands-on activities.

here are few pictures i would like to share..

the slide 

 in the midst.. buat2 rajin

 our masterpiece

 zoom in sikit

 among others

cert giving ceremony

okay, have to pulang ke pangkal jalan now. before it's too late to pass through the scary place. 

~TINTA~, see you when i see you... 

Thanks Allah for the great weekend... 

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